Vegetable production bails out Roselin Mwale from nutrition and income insecurity in Chulu EPA, Kasungu

Story written by Daniel Nyirenda and Christopher Nkhoma

Malawi is ranked as one of the twelve most vulnerable countries to the adverse effects of climate change due to the fact that nearly 80% of agricultural production is rainfall dependent. In recent years, the country has experienced heavy flooding, droughts and dry spells, which have negatively affected agricultural production and food security. Given the impacts associated with climate variability, a serious effort on identifying, understanding and enhancing sustainable adaptation is therefore crucial in the country where vulnerability is high. It is in view of the above that, Find Your Feet, with Funding from Development Fund of Norway is implementing a Malawi Mozambique Project (MAMO) in Mzimba AND Kasungu Districts.

Chulu is one of the Extension Planning Areas that has potential for growing vegetables under irrigation. However, vegetable production remains a challenge to many farmers due to production knowledge gap. This was the case with Roselin Mwale before the MAMO project Find Your Feet (FYF) is implementing in the area with funding from Development fund of Norway.

Roseline Mwale is 43 years old and follower farmer to Chester Saka. She hails from Traditional Authority Mphomwa and has 5 children (3F, 2 M). As a follower farmer, she was trained in Vegetable production, food processing and utilization in 2017.
“I was a blind person and feeding my family with nutritious meals was a challenge due to lack of knowledge in vegetable production, nutrition, food processing and utilization. In addition, I used to buy vegetables. Lack of income, at times, led to frequent quarrels with my husband as, sometimes, he failed to provide some for buying vegetables”. She outlined.
After food and nutrition training by FYF, Roseline established a vegetable garden in which she planted different types of vegetables for both consumption and sale.
‘I stopped walking long distances to buying vegetables or beg from friends. My household income has improved through sale of vegetables as I am able to realize MK9, 500 a week on average from sale of vegetables’. There’s now peace in the home as we no longer quarrel with my husband. Proudly said Roselin.

To boost income from sale of the vegetables, she plans to procure a money maker treadle pump which will ease irrigation work.

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