The Year Of Turn Around

The more you give the more you will get and it is giving that makes everyone feel wonderful. As the saying goes, “No one else has your finger prints, your voice or your status. More important no one owns somebody’s mind.” Everyone is different and no one will be equal to the other no matter the circumstance. Born 37 years ago, Patricia Mkandawire chose to stay out of the cloud to be outstanding by giving others the best in order to get the best results.

Patricia Mkandawire hails from Yaheja village in Bwengu EPA and she is married with seven Children. She was a laughing stock in her village due to little harvest despite farming on a big piece of land. She believed one can to get more only when they cultivate and plant at a bigger size of land disregarding other criteria’s. People used to tell me to improve my farming techniques but I could not listen until two years ago when I got only 3 bags of maize on 0.4 hectares.

In 2015, Patricia joined her friends to a field day that took place adjacent to her village and what she saw marked the end of her misery. She started making manure and demarcating her field in order to plant different types of crops. That was the year of turnaround for Patricia. She gave herself the best on the ground and changed the situation in her family by harvesting more the she never thought of. “Wathu wakazizwa ndipo wakayambaso kunifumba umo nachitila kwe wakaniluskanga.” Said Patricia while smiling.



Patricia and her husband before and (far right) on their iron roofed house

This time she has roofed her house through the money (MK 450,000) she realized after selling soya and ground nuts. She also bought Goats and Pigs to increase her income after sells. Immediately the community chose her to be a lead famer and she has 40 (25F.5M) follower farmers.

Ndine wakukondwa sono kuti nkhusintha chikaya.” I am happy now that I am an agent of change, commented Patricia. She finally agreed that change is from within and nobody owns it on anyone’s behalf.



Written By Lumbani Sichinga

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