Find Your Feet Malawi (FYF) is a leading local non-governmental organisation focused on agriculture, agri business and value chains, strengthening local governance systems and health as the precursor for growth and rural livelihoods improvement. It has a track record of implementing integrated rural livelihoods projects in Malawi with development grants from wide ranging donors including the European Union, The Development Fund of Norway, Big Lottery Fund, MAITRI Trust, Tolkien Trust, Vitol Foundation and recently the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development (MoAIWD) through the ASWAP- sp with tremendous success since 2004.

Until 22 November 2016, Find Your Feet has been operating in Malawi as an International NGO with its headquarters in London. Find Your Feet in Malawi has reconstituted and registered as an independent and autonomous organisation under the laws of Malawi through the Trustees Incorporation Act and has a Board comprising 5 Directors that plays an oversight role for all Find Your Feet Malawi operations. As a local and Malawian NGO, Find Your Feet is also duly registered with the NGO Board and CONGOMA through the following registration numbers – NGO/L/04/0019 and C1060/2016 respectively.


Building on local knowledge and skills, Find Your Feet Malawi has over the years supported rural families to:

  • Improve their food and nutrition security through implementation of climate resilient agriculture technologies;
  • Increase their income through employment and microenterprise;
  • Prevent the spread, and mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS;
  • Support communities in the provision of portable water and general WASH interventions;
  • Access social protection schemes to which they are entitled; and
  • Demand representative and responsive local governance structures.